Special Event Limousine Service

Limousine service is among the most sought-after transport options in Bangkok. Because of its luxury and comfort, it’s a popular choice for many occasions. For weddings or corporate gathering, birthday celebration or any other special occasion limousines are the perfect way to transport VIPs, movie stars or guests to their preferred location. Let’s look at the reasons that make this mode of transportation so popular.

Due to its service at the airport, the limousine service is very well-known. You can either hire the vehicle for the whole journey or for a specific stretch. You may have several passengers traveling with you however it is likely that you’ll encounter traffic jams along the way. By hiring the service for the entire trip will save you from the hassle of finding taxis when you arrive at the airport.

This service isn’t just for drivers. It is possible to accommodate more passengers as the vehicle is spacious. Generally the limousine service can accommodate up to 12 people. The number of passengers can be increased based on your requirements. Therefore, you get the opportunity to pick up additional passengers for the same trip without any extra costs.

The service comes with a variety of additional benefits. One of them is the luxury of serving champagne and caviar under the steaming glass of the limousine. The majority of limousine service companies allow champagne and caviar to be served in the chalet. You can also request champagne at the bar in your vehicle. The cost of the beverage depends upon the availability of alcohol in the area where the vehicle is parked. In Bangkok, for example, alcohol is prohibited while driving.

Limousine service is not only about champagne and caviar. Other amenities include chauffeur service. The majority of luxury limousine service providers have chauffeurs who are knowledgeable of the city’s streets and can get the passengers to their destinations smoothly. You can visit a variety of tourist spots along the stunning routes the city takes.

You can also get your airport transfer done automatically. Many limousines come with the latest in technology , such as touchscreens. When you are in the limousine service, you do not need to press the button to display the time of entry or exit. If you wish to travel to the airport earlier, the chauffeur limousine service will contact you via phone. You can then board the plane once you arrive.

Professional chauffeurs who offer the wedding limousine service are aware of the best routes to take at any given point of time. They are also conversant with traffic laws to ensure your trip isn’t a nightmare. หา บอดี้ การ์ด So, there’s no need for you to get out of your car in case of another vehicle coming up on you or someone cutting across the road. Drivers are well-versed in traffic laws and will not make mistakes that could endanger your journey.

Lastly, many of the Limousine service providers offer daily, weekly or monthly prices depending upon what the occasion is. However, you’ll be amazed to discover that hourly rates are significantly less than the daily rates. You can have a great time on your wedding day with a professional chauffeur. You don’t have to spend an enormous amount of money to get a limousine.


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